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A modern private chef supports your health and promotes your performance

Many a private chef has additional training as a nutritionist and thus an even more in-depth knowledge of food and its preparation. Such a cooking professional can contribute to your physical well-being and in addition to your health and to the promotion of your efficiency by the right composition of the food.

An excellent private chef will be able to take into account any intolerance such as lactose and gluten while preparing the food and, despite these limitations, create fabulous dishes.

Also for special nutritional principles such as Paleo, Ketogen, LowCarb, Whole Food or Vegan cuisine a professional private chef is able to conjure up unique dishes.

For an innovative private chef it is of utmost importance to create delicious and at the same time very healthy dishes.

We can find you a first class private chef for your private household

An outstanding private chef cooks with great joy and creativity.

It gives him pleasure to create fantastic dishes for you and provide you with unforgettable culinary moments.

While preparing the food your private chef will take into account the tastes of every single family member.

And of course, also the preparation of delicious meals suitable for children belongs to the repertoire of a first-class private chef.

An experienced private chef takes care of purchasing all the ingredients and necessities for cooking independently and always ensures a clean, hygienic working method in the kitchen.

A professional private chef is also able to organize larger parties with 70 to 100 guests independently and to instruct additional staff.

Additionally, your private chef can accompany you on your travels, so that you do not have to lack his culinary creations in your holiday home or on your yacht.

An experienced private chef has not only his professional qualifications but also outstanding human qualities

These top chefs are particularly well suited as a private chef in an upscale home because of their perfect manners and friendly positive nature.

A good private chef is resilient, highly motivated and team-oriented. Even in stressful situations, he always keeps a cool head and has everything under control.

An experienced private chef demonstrates a very high degree of flexibility, punctuality and reliability.

Discretion and loyalty are as self-evident for a private chef as self-responsible, well-organized work and commitment.

Your competent private chef agency for your upscale home or business -
Consulting Home & Garden!

Upscale private households, often with a high number of guests, often employ their own private chef, who spoils the family members and their guests according to their culinary wishes.

We provide you with a top-class private chef, who has many years of experience in top-class catering and often has several years of experience as a private chef in high-end private households.

An excellent private chef has mastered a wide range of cuisines, from fine Mediterranean cuisine to light, creative and Euro-Asian cuisine. But also the regional and vegetarian cuisine are taken into consideration.

A modern private chef is very experimental in the kitchen and always interested in new trends.

This top chef enjoys the pleasure of using fresh food to create excellent dishes that are an experience for the palate and the eye alike.

If you need an outstanding private chef at star level, we are happy to help

We as private chef agency, help you to find the perfect chef according to your personal needs.

Mrs. Ute Meier will be happy to advise you without any obligation. We look forward to a trusting and successful cooperation.

In order to submit your search request, you are welcome to complete our Contact form, send us an e-mail at or call us on our hotline:

Client hotline for staff search: +49 (0) 6187 - 99 17 17 0 and +49 (0) 6187 - 99 11 66 or mobile: +49 (0) 151 - 61 62 65 60 / 24 hour Service.

We process all inquiries within 24 hours and can usually present you with the first candidate profiles at short notice.
We have the staff you are looking for. Guaranteed.