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Are you interested in a personal assistant? We provide you with highly qualified personal assistants with the best references.

Your personal assistant can take on a variety of tasks to make your professional and private life easier.

Your personal assistant takes on coordinative tasks, maintains your appointment calendar, is your contact in business matters and is the interface between your professional and personal life.

In your business life, your personal assistant supports you for example with general organizational and secretary tasks, with the preparation and post-processing of conferences and meetings, with the drafting of contracts and decision templates.

Other tasks that your personal assistant will take care of are your appointment management, your business correspondence, maintaining your e-mail account, and planning your business trips.

Your personal assistant can also assist you with strategic questions and the realization of projects as well as take over the project management or the controlling of projects.

Your personal assistant will also advise you on personnel matters and coordinate your staff.

In your private life, your personal assistant monitors the organization of your upscale household according to your personal requirements. He/she maintains your appointment calendar, organizes travel arrangements for your private trips and assists you in the planning and realization of your private projects. Whether it's the planning and realization of construction projects, private celebrations, a move or any other area of your private life, you can count on your personal assistant. He/she puts your wishes into practice with great detailed knowledge and organizational talent.

The personal assistant accompanies your private and business life closely with absolute loyalty and discretion.

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Your personal assistant for the highest demands

If you are looking for a personal assistant, we will find exactly the right candidate for you. As an experienced domestic staff agency, we know what is important when looking for a personal assistant.

The demands on the abilities of a personal assistant are very versatile nowadays.

An above-average commitment and high resilience is expected from a personal assistant.

At the same time, a personal assistant should have the ability to work independently and think analytically.

Professional personal assistants are organizational talents who keep a cool head and overview also in stressful situations.

They have a strong ability to communicate as well as a natural authority and can therefore assist you in selecting the right personnel and instructing and managing your other staff.

Personal assistants basically act as an interface between you and your staff, covering your back.

A professional personal assistant is well-versed in using modern communication media and knows several languages.

The requirements for personal assistants also include a good general education, perfect manners and a neat appearance.

Your personal assistant with high social competence

Personal assistants are expected to have not only professional qualifications, but also distinctive social skills.

What is required of a personal assistant, for example, is the ability to work constructively and collegially with other people. This requires a strong team orientation and teamwork from the personal assistant.

Integrity, ability to cooperate and the ability to give and receive criticism are also expected from a personal assistant.

Personal assistants should also be able to resolve conflicts (for example in human resources) confidently and with assertiveness to your satisfaction.

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