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Do you urgently need relief in housekeeping and are you looking for a reliable domestic / housekeeper? We, as experienced Domestic staff agency and recruitment, will find you a responsible and qualified housekeeper.

In the upscale, modern private household, the housekeeper's workplace includes the care and maintenance of the entire household. A housekeeper works in households of very different sizes, from 1-person households to very large households with several family members.

We will find you an experienced and obliging housekeeper. If you are looking for a housekeeper to join your household, please contact us for more information.

Looking for a professional housekeeper? We arrange for the right staff!

The housekeeper's classic work areas are room care, clothes maintenance and laundry care, shopping and meal preparation, guest services, secretarial services and the care of pets and plants. An accomplished housekeeper works independently and well structured and has good, friendly manners. On top of all of that, he/she acts loyal and extremely discreet.

In very large, demanding households, the housekeeper may also be increasingly involved in organizational work tasks such as creating work schedules for other personnel and monitoring complex, versatile workspaces.

Thus, the housekeeper becomes the house manager. Modern security technology, as well as the communication with digital media change the work areas of the housekeeper or house manager in the upscale private household increasingly to a very sophisticated and versatile job.

Are you looking for a very well qualified and experienced housekeeper? We are the right partner for you, just contact us!

The housekeeper for the upscale household

We arrange for a professional housekeeper, who organizes and instructs the entire domestic staff. The duties of the housekeeper include the guidance and motivation of all staff employed in the household, the coordination with the homeowner and the development of service and vacation plans. A housekeeper ensures that all tasks, arising in your household, are carried out professionally and coordinated and that all processes run smoothly.

If you are looking for a housekeeper, you can count on us to find the right candidate to ensure the care and cleanliness of your home and garden and the perfect organization of your home.