Since 1997 worldwide placement of highly qualified, long-term experienced domestic staff and personal assistants (PAs)

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Germany and worldwide placement
of qualified service and domestic staff

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Are you looking for highly qualified domestic staff? We offer you competent advice and speedy recruitment at fair terms!

For more than 20 years we have been successfully recruiting excellent Domestic and service staff for our customers. Our modern living environments require sophisticated personnel solutions to best support you in organizing your work and private life.

We are one of the few well-known Domestic personnel agencies that follow the highest standards. Our credo is: “Quality above quantity”. We carefully select our applicants from an extensive Applicant pool before presenting them to you in person. We are personally at your disposal during the entire recruitment process and accompany you with confidence and commitment.

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In the last 20 years of our successful international recruitment services, we have created a valuable network of partners. We can now rely on an extensive Applicant pool, so it is possible for us to fill vacancies at very short notice, within a few days.

In personal cooperation with our customers, we create a detailed, bespoke requirement profile. In all points relevant to the position, we carefully examine the professional qualifications, the personal strengths and references of our applicants. Our goal is a trustful and long-term staffing.

For the perfect legal execution of the necessary employment contracts, we have a team of lawyers at our side. Upon request, we will assist you with the drafting of the contract and prepare the necessary documents for the conclusion of the contract with your staff.

Our fee is always agreed in individual cases with you personally. You do not pay in advance, there are no hidden costs. Our fee is success-oriented. In addition to TOP conditions, we offer a free subsequent placement within the probationary period of our newly-recruited applicant.

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