For more than 20 years Recruitment of high qualified dometic staff and personal assistants (PA) with many years of experience
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Placement of qualified service and domestic staff
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Staff placement & staff management: Consulting Home und Garden

Are you looking for qualified staff?

For almost 20 years we have been successfully placing qualified staff with our clients. Our modern world requires discerning staffing solutions in order to provide you with optimal support in organising your professional and private life.

We can offer you housekeepers, executive housekeepers, domestic couples, matrons, governesses, nannies, maternity nurses, cooks, butlers / footmen, private secretaries, caretakers, house managers / estate managers, chauffeurs and bodyguards.

Through close cooperation with partner agencies in Germany and Switzerland, as well as constant Internet advertisement, we can immediately access a large pool of current and tested candidates. We remain in constant contact with our staff and therefore know who will best be suited to a specific new client.

Professionalism and years of experience as staff providers are our strengths. We work very closely with our clients and candidates applying both our know-how and sensitivity. Naturally, we will take personal care of you. Should you be in urgent need of staff, you can also reach us even on weekends.

In direct collaboration with you we will create your comprehensive requirement profile. We check the professional qualifications of our candidates with regard to the relevant points outlined for the position. This serves as important initial information and can be downloaded here as a pdf file or as a Word document.

Our candidates’ references have been personally checked by us. The verification of persons with regard to legal records and criminal convictions can be undertaken by a commercial detective, if you so wish.

For the efficient judicial processing of the necessary contracts, we have an attorney. At your wish we can assist you with the drawing up of a contract and preparation of the necessary documents for the conclusion of a contract between you and your staff.

Our fee is agreed upon with you personally. You need not pay an advance! There are no hidden costs. Our fee is based upon a successful placement. We provide you with a free secondary placement within the trial period of our newly placed candidate.
Our contingency fee is reduced by the amount of positions you require staffing for in a given year. The sooner we can place someone with you, the less expense we have. For this reason our fee for you is reduced. That is to say less expense reduces your costs. Take advantage of our data bank and our professionalism.

Should you require some help in training new staff members, we are pleased to be of assistance with competent professionals. Either for special occasions or on short notice, we can organize the desired staff for you on a daily basis. Just give us a call: we and our staff will do everything in our power to make your party, celebration or short-notice event a success.

An easy and reliable processing of your request is garanteed. Just tell us what your staffing needs are. We will take care of the rest for you, from candidate selection to the first interview. In a very short time we will present you with hand-selected, qualified candidates.

Feel free to give us a call without any obligation.

Customer hotline for recruitment:  +49 (0) 6187 - 99 11 66 0 and +49 (0) 6187 - 99 17 17 0 or mobil: +49 (0) 151 - 61 62 65 60

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