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for Finding Highly Qualified Domestic Staff

As a domestic staff agency from the Rhine-Main area, in close cooperation with our partner offices in Munich and Majorca, we find highly qualified and experienced domestic staff to support you in anything associated with your private household. You can dedicate yourself to your professional duties and private concerns without disruption while your expert domestic staff lovingly look after everything in your household.

If you are looking for excellent domestic staff, we are there for you as a domestic staff agency with a customised solution. Good domestic staff make a major contribution to your work-life balance. Complex and modern lifestyles require customised staff recruitment, especially in the domestic sphere, which is why we are highly committed and approach our work professionally. If you are looking for experienced domestic staff, we are the right contact.

All over Germany and Europe we find excellent domestic staff in the following job groups:

  • Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper/Household Manager/Housekeeping Manager
  • Nursemaid/Nanny/Maternity Nurse, Tutor, Governess, Paediatric Nurse
  • Caretaker
  • Caretaker couple
  • Butler/Manservant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Private Secretary
  • Chauffeur/Management Board Driver/Company Car Driver
  • Cook / Private chef
  • Bodyguard, Security Specialist
  • Private Geriatric Nurse/Carer, including 24-hour service following a 14-day pattern
  • Gardener
  • House Manager/PA
  • Property Manager/Estate Manager

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Finding Domestic Staff in Germany and Throughout Europe

As a professional domestic staff agency, we have access to an extensive pool of applicants so that we can introduce you to the right domestic staff for the occupational category concerned. We carefully find out your own individual requirements and find the right domestic staff, and thus the ideal solution, for you. As a domestic staff agency, we therefore establish contact with the ideal candidates who match your personal demands and needs.

The Butler for Your Professional and Private Life

The modern butler is an adept household manager, a perfect organiser and a versatile all-rounder. He helps you in your private and professional life with his all-round expertise.

A professional butler conscientiously takes care of various logistical and service-oriented tasks. Your high-class household will be perfectly managed by an expert butler or a private secretary, your trips and meetings organised, and your diary taken care of.

Moreover, a butler can deal with your home technology, your fleet of vehicles and many luxury goods. Marked technical expertise, as well as discretion and loyalty, are the qualities of the professional butlers that we find for you.

professioneller Butler
professioneller Butler

Your Nanny for Professional Childcare

Are you looking for your first nanny, or do you need someone to look after your school-age children?

We carefully find out what you need and find your ideal nanny.

A professional nanny sensitively and expertly takes care of your children while you can dedicate yourself to your work and private tasks without any reservations. She establishes an absolute trusting relationship with you as parents and, equally, with your child or children. We will be happy to find a suitable nanny for you to ensure the perfect childcare for you.

professionelles Kindermädchen
professionelles Kindermädchen

A Chauffeur for Your Business and Private Needs

A professional chauffeur not only drives you from A to B, but also takes care of your personal wishes. For example, the chauffeur will show you the sights in a city, will take you to unscheduled business meetings or private events, and collect you from them afterwards.

We will find the right  chauffeur for you so that all of your expectations and needs are met with expertise and empathy. A chauffeur ensures pleasant journeys that are always safe and on time.

professioneller Chauffeur
professioneller Chauffeur

A Housekeeper for Your High-Class Household

professionelle Hauswirtschafterin
professionelle Hauswirtschafterin

Do you urgently need help with your household management?

We will find your responsible and qualified housekeeper or household manager!

A professional housekeeper takes care of looking after and stocking the whole household. We will find an adept and attentive housekeeper. She will work independently and in a well-structured manner in all matters. As a result, all areas of your household will be taken care of by a professional housekeeper so that you have more time for your other priorities.

A Caretaker couple for Your High-Class Household

Do your high-class estate and the complex tasks of your private household require a new staffing solution? A reliable and professional Caretaker couple is recommended here. Here, too, we are the right contact for you!

We will find you a  caretaker couple that will meet your exacting wishes and needs. The caretaker couple will divide the extensive tasks between themselves with optimum agreements and organisation. High-class and large households are thus cared for, looked after and stocked at all levels.

If your household is looking for a caretaker couple, feel free to contact us. We will find the ideal solution for you from our large portfolio with selected applicants. The caretaker couple will conscientiously and reliably deal with all of the tasks that arise in the house, in the garden or in the vehicle fleet. You will thus receive an experienced caretaker couple that completely satisfies your personal needs.

Do you need support when looking for the right domestic staff?

Ms Ute Meier will be happy to give you some information, without obligation. We look forward to a trusting and successful collaboration.

To send us your search query, you can send an email to us at or just call our hotline:

Client hotline for staff search: +49 (0) 6187 - 99 17 17 0 and +49 (0) 6187 - 99 11 66 or mobile: +49 (0) 151 - 61 62 65 60 / 24 hour Service