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for the placement of highly qualified domestic staff

As a domestic staff agency from the Rhine-Main area, we arrange in close cooperation with our partner offices for highly qualified and experienced domestic staff to assist you in all matters relating to your private household. You can commit yourself without disturbances to your work and private concerns, while your competent domestic staff takes care of your household lovingly and wholly.

If you are looking for excellent domestic staff, we as your domestic staff agency are on the spot with an individual solution for you. Good domestic staff makes a significant contribution to a well-balanced work-life ratio. Complex and modern living environments require tailor-made recruitment of personnel, especially in the private sector, which is why we dedicate ourselves with a high degree of commitment and professional working methods. If experienced domestic staff is needed, we are the right contact person.

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Domestic staff agency in Germany and worldwide

As a professional Domestic staff agency we can rely on a comprehensive pool of applicants in order to introduce you to the appropriate domestic staff of the respective occupational group. We carefully determine your very individual needs and find the right domestic staff for you and thus the optimal solution. This way, we as Domestic staff agency get in touch with exactly the ideal candidate, which fits in perfectly with your personal requirements and needs.

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The butler for your business - and private life

The modern butler is an accomplished household manager, a perfect organizer and a versatile all-rounder. With his comprehensive expertise, he accompanies your private and business life.

A professional butler conscientiously takes care of various logistical and service-oriented tasks. A competent butler or a private secretary perfectly manages your upscale household, organizes your travels and meetings and updates your appointment calendar.

In addition, the butler masters the handling of the building services, your fleet and numerous luxury goods. A distinctive professional competence, as well as discretion and loyalty, are part of the qualities of the professional butlers we arrange for you.

Your nanny for a professional child care

You are looking for your first nanny or do you need an amah for your school-age children?

We carefully determine your needs and find your desired nanny.

A professional nanny will take care of your children with sensitivity and expertise, while you can devote yourself to your business and private tasks without any reservations. She will establish an absolute relationship of trust with you as a parent, as well as with your child or your children. We are happy to assume the responsibility of the recruitment of a suitable nanny for you to ensure the perfect care of your children.

A chauffeur for your business and private purposes

A professional chauffeur does not just drive you from A to B, but also takes care of your personal wishes. Thus, the chauffeur shows you sights in the city, brings you to extraordinary business meetings or accompanies you to private events and picks you up again afterwards.

We arrange for the right chauffeur for you so that all your expectations and demands can be met with competence and empathy. The chauffeur ensures pleasant journeys that are always punctual and safe.

A housekeeper for your upscale household - Do you urgently need a break in housekeeping?

We will find you a responsible and qualified housekeeper!

A professional housekeeper takes over the care and maintenance of the entire household. We arrange for you an accomplished and obliging housekeeper. He/she works very independently and well structured in all matters. Thus, all areas of your household will be taken over by a professional housekeeper so that you have more time for your other priorities.

A caretaker couple for your upscale household

Does your upscale property and the complex responsibilities of your home require a new staffing solution? Here we recommend a reliable and professional caretaker couple. Also in this area we are the right contact for you!

We arrange for you a caretaker couple, which meets your sophisticated wishes and needs. The caretaker couple shares the extensive tasks in an optimal coordination and organization. This way, high-end and large households at all levels are looked after, cared and provided for.

If you are looking for a caretaker couple in your household, you are welcome to contact us. From our large portfolio of selected applicants we find the optimal solution for you. The caretaker couple conscientiously and reliably takes care of all tasks in the house, in the garden or in your fleet. Thus, you get an experienced caretaker couple that fully meets your personal needs.

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