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It is often said that good staff are hard to find. So that you do not experience any disappointments in your search for good domestic staff on Majorca, simply trust in our experienced domestic staff agency. For almost 20 years, we have been reliably and quickly finding highly qualified service and domestic staff for private individuals, entrepreneurs or high-net-worth individuals. The clients of our domestic staff agency for Majorca include public figures, as well as celebrities from art, music, film and fashion. We therefore always undertake to maintain the anonymity of our clients.

Also, if we find expert domestic staff on Majorca for you, you will benefit from fast and tailor-made recruitment and extensive personal advice. So that you always have a contact for your wishes and questions, we also cooperate closely with our partner office on Majorca. When looking for reliable staff, don't leave it to chance anymore, rely on the experience of our domestic staff agency for Majorca. With care, a great deal of commitment and reliable discretion, we will quickly and purposefully find the right service and domestic staff for you.

Our clients and VIP clients usually have their second home/second estate on the beautiful island of Majorca and want to be cared for by the best, reliable domestic staff there, too. The domestic staff usually live on the estate in separate service apartments, which means that your estate on Majorca is always supervised, even during your absence, and is well looked after and cared for all year round.

Our VIP clients expect that domestic staff in their second homes on Majorca will have a high degree of independence, reliability and experience to be able to perform the jobs that occur to the satisfaction of their employers at all times. These are total positions of trust for which we can find the perfect domestic staff for you.

Only the best domestic staff for Majorca: your domestic staff agency with a focused search

With our domestic staff agency, you will quickly and reliably find suitable applicants for your private household or company. No matter what type of domestic staff you are looking for on Majorca, we are the right contact for you. From a householder or a chauffeur right up to a housekeeping married couple, our domestic staff agency on Majorca will perform a focused search for the ideal staff for your needs. We always work without middlemen. This is how we can ensure that the domestic staff that we find for Majorca meets our high-quality demands. There is no simpler way to find qualified domestic staff on Majorca.

To fill your vacancies, we find only selected qualified applicants with the best references for the following job groups:

Butler for your business and private life on Majorca

As an experienced domestic staff agency for Majorca, we will find you a professional butler who is an adept household manager, perfect organiser and versatile all-rounder. A butler from our agency is an enrichment to your private and business life on Majorca because he takes care of many logistical and service tasks.

Nanny for professional childcare on Majorca

A qualified nanny sensitively looks after your children on Majorca with a great deal of expertise. You can thus completely dedicate yourself to your business and private concerns, knowing that your children are always in good hands. We will be happy to help you to find a nanny as domestic staff for your children on Majorca who meets your requirements.

Chauffeur for private and business purposes on Majorca

Your own chauffeur not only drives you to business and personal events on Majorca, but also takes care of your other wishes. For example, he will show you the sights on the island. Your chauffeur will ensure safe, punctual journeys so that you can always lean back and relax. As a domestic staff agency for Majorca, we will find you the right chauffeur who fully meets your requirements.

Housekeeper for your perfect household on Majorca

As domestic staff on Majorca, a housekeeper is ideal to take away some of the strain from you. She will professionally take care of organising your entire household, leaving you time for other business and private matters. We will be happy to help you find the perfect housekeeper for your household on Majorca.

Housekeeping couple for your perfect household on Majorca

So that your high-class estate and the complex tasks of your private household don't cause you too much worry in your everyday life, as a domestic staff agency on Majorca, we offer you the ideal solution. We will find a reliable housekeeping couple for your household on Majorca, who will take care of jobs in the house and garden. Thanks to the optimum division of labour between the couple, you will profit from good harmonisation and organisation so that you can easily take care of other matters.

Let us find the perfect domestic staff for you private and business life on Majorca

We will find the right person for you, just contact us! Ms Ute Meier will be happy to give you some information, without obligation. We look forward to a trusting and successful collaboration.

To send us your search query, you can send an email to us at or just call our hotline:

Client hotline for staff search: +49 (0) 6187 - 99 17 17 0 and +49 (0) 6187 - 99 11 66 or mobile: +49 (0) 151 - 61 62 65 60 / 24 hour Service