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It is often said that good staff is hard to come by. To avoid disappointments in your search for good Domestic staff in Majorca, simply rely on our experienced Domestic staff agency. For almost 20 years we have been providing highly qualified service and domestic staff to private individuals, entrepreneurs or high-net-worth individuals and we do this in a reliable and swift way. The clients of our Domestic staff agency in Majorca include public figures as well as celebrities from the fields of art, music, film and fashion. Therefore, we commit ourselves to maintain the anonymity of our clients.

In addition, you benefit from the placement of competent domestic staff in Majorca by us, from a swift and accurate staffing as well as a comprehensive personal care. In order to have a contact person for your wishes and questions at any time, we also work closely with our partner office in Majorca. Rely no longer on your luck in your search for dependable staff, but rely on the experience of our Majorcan domestic staff agency. With care, high commitment and reliable discretion, we will find the right service and domestic staff for you quickly and purposefully.

Our customers and VIP customers usually have their second homes on the beautiful island of Majorca, and they also want to be looked after by the best reliable domestic staff there. Most of the domestic staff lives on the property in separate service apartments and thus your property in Majorca is always monitored during your absence and well cared for and maintained throughout the year.

Our VIP customers expect a high degree of independence, reliability and experience from their staff in their second homes in Majorca, in order to be able to carry out the tasks ahead to the satisfaction of their employers. These are absolute positions of trust, for which we can arrange the appropriate domestic staff.

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