Declaration of consent – Client / Candidate seeking work

I hereby engage CHG to find me suitable employment and give my consent that CHG registers my subsequent personal data in a data bank. The registration by CHG of my data in a data bank is for the sole purpose that in case of an employment search whereby CHG is the exclusive contractor acting on behalf on an interested party, can locate said data and make contact based on a job opening I might be considered for. A transmission of these data to a third party, particularly a client of CHG, may only occur if CHG informs me previously of an available position and has received my declared consent to transmit my data to their client. In the handling, use and transmission of personal filed data CHG is obliged to observe the federal data protection laws. I may recall this declared consent at any time and have no legal claim upon the use of my data by CHG. CHG reserves the right to partially or entirely delete my data without given reason. I pledge to provide CHG written communication if one of CHG’s staff-seeking clients contacts me in writing or by phone, if an interview takes place and/or plans to hire me, expresses a wish to do so or an employment contract has been signed by both parties. I must submit this signed contract to the agency within three days. I agree to not start work and to reveal truthfully my appointed salary to CHG prior to the signing of an employment contract. Should an employment contract arise from an agency client or related company, without the candidate informing the agency, he/she subjects himself/herself to an immediate penalty equal to the amount of the evaded commission lost by CHG.

Für die Behandlung Ihrer Daten gilt unsere Datenschutzerklärung.

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