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Do you need a butler or personal assistant? - Then you are at the right place at Consulting Home & Garden!

Are you looking for a butler or personal assistant? We provide highly qualified butlers with the best references. The modern butler is an accomplished house manager, a perfect organizer and a versatile all-rounder. With his comprehensive expertise, he accompanies your private and business life.

According to your personal specifications, your butler or personal assistant monitors the organization of your upscale household. The butler maintains your appointment calendar, organizes travel arrangements, and is at your side for business meetings or private celebrations. He puts your wishes into practice with great detailed knowledge and organizational talent. The modern butler masters the handling of modern home technology and modern communication media. He is familiar with the care of modern luxury goods and cares for your fleet.

The butler accompanies your private and business life closely with absolute loyalty and discretion. His profession requires a good general education, foreign language skills, perfect manners and a well-groomed appearance. So if you are looking for a butler, you are welcome to contact us.

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Your personal assistant for the highest demands

If you are looking for a private secretary, we will find the right candidate for you. As an experienced Domestic staff agency we know what is important when looking for a private secretary.

A private secretary will assist you in your private and business affairs and can take on important tasks for you. Your private secretary plans and organizes your travels, meetings and maintains your appointment calendar. He is very committed and fulfils the upcoming tasks responsibly.

If you are looking for a private secretary, we are the perfect partner to find the ideal staff according to your personal needs. We will find the optimal solution for you from our large candidate portfolio.

A house manager keeps track and takes over the entire organization of your upscale household

A house manager is characterized by his distinctive service mentality and high level of expertise in a very wide range of applications.

The house manager takes over the organization and coordination of the house staff in all areas of your household. Furthermore, the house manager takes on business tasks, and acts as your point of contact. This way, you will be unburdened and can rest assured that someone will keep track for you and that your requirements will be implemented to your fullest satisfaction.

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