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Looking for a butler? - Then you are in just the right place at Consulting Home & Garden

Are you interested in a butler? We will find highly qualified butlers with the best references. The modern butler is an adept household manager, a perfect organiser and a versatile all-rounder. He helps you in your private and professional life with his all-round expertise.

He will supervise the organisation of your high-class household in accordance with our personal requirements. The butler will manage your diary, make travel arrangements and will be at your side in business meetings or at private celebrations. He will put your wishes into practice with great attention to detail and organisational talent. Today's butler knows how to handle modern home technology and modern communications media. He is familiar with caring for modern luxury goods and will take care of your fleet of vehicles.

The butler will closely support you in your private and business life with absolute loyalty and discretion. His profession requires a good general education, knowledge of foreign languages, perfect manners and a well-groomed appearance. So, if you are looking for a butler, please contact us.

We will find the right candidate for you.

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professioneller Butler
professioneller Butler

Your Private Secretary for Meeting the Highest Demands

If you are looking for a private secretary, we will find the right candidate for you. As an experienced domestic staff agency we know what is important when you are looking for a private secretary.

A private secretary or personal assistant will work for you in your private and business concerns and can perform important tasks for you. Your private secretary plans and organises your trips, meetings and keeps your diary. She is highly committed and carries out the work independently.

If you are looking for a private secretary, we are the perfect place to come to find the ideal fit for your personal requirements. We will find the ideal solution for you from our extensive portfolio of applicants.

A household manager keeps on top of everything and takes care of all organisation of your high-class household

A household manager is characterised by his strong service mentality and the great deal of expertise in very wide-ranging areas of responsibility.

The household manager takes care of organising and coordinating the domestic staff in all areas of your household. The household manager also takes care of economic duties and acts as a contact for you. This takes the pressure off you and you can depend on the fact that someone is keeping on top of things for you and that your requirements will be implemented to your complete satisfaction.

Do you need support in your search for a butler or a private secretary?

Ms Ute Meier will be happy to give you some information, without obligation. We look forward to a trusting and successful collaboration. Contact us, we are looking forward to receiving your enquiry and will be happy to advise you.

To send us your search query, you can send an email to us at or just call our hotline:

persönliche Assistentin
persönliche Assistentin

Client hotline for staff search: +49 (0) 6187 - 99 17 17 0 and +49 (0) 6187 - 99 11 66 or mobile: +49 (0) 151 - 61 62 65 60 / 24 hour Service